“Moebius” and ‘Inside/out’

Nine years ago, Goa Writers, a group I am a part of, published an anthology titled ‘Inside/Out: New writing from Goa’. In the past few days, while doing a thorough cleaning and sorting of accumulated clutter, I came across a couple of newspaper reports that had come out around the time of that publication. I’ve…… Continue reading “Moebius” and ‘Inside/out’


This story is unpublished The professor stared at the table, registering little more than a blur of brown and white, red and orange. Breakfast must be toast and fruit. Again. As his hand reached out for the steel tumbler of milk, guided more by memory than sight, something at the fringes of his consciousness tugged…… Continue reading Entropy

The Fergana Valley: Foodbasket of Uzbekistan

An abridged version of this piece appeared in the December 2019 issue of Outlook Traveller. The train from Tashkent to the Fergana Valley winds south-east through the rugged landscape of the Kamchiq Pass and through the 19km-long Kamchiq Tunnel, the longest broad-gauge rail tunnel in the world. It’s called Ozbekiston (the Uzbeks have a propensity…… Continue reading The Fergana Valley: Foodbasket of Uzbekistan

Reading ‘Baburnama’ in the Land of Babur

An edited version of this article was published in the Business Standard Weekend supplement on November 30, 2019 At the Babur Literary Museum in Andijan, Uzbekistan, dozens of copies of the Baburnama are arrayed in glass bookcases. There are modern editions and older versions, in Tajik, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, French, English, and other translations.…… Continue reading Reading ‘Baburnama’ in the Land of Babur