The Souza you haven’t met

This story appeared in the December 14, 2019 issue of ‘Business Standard Weekend’. The online version of the publication is behind a paywall, so I have put an extract here, with a link out to the entire piece for those who might want to read it in its entirety.

Mary D’Souza rises, two storeys tall, out of a welter of blue-green waves and tendrils, a brown Venus emerging from the sea. Her head is framed in a golden halo, while silver and bronze suns shine over her shoulders. Her hair is ruffled, the effect of the wind rushing through it as she speeds around the track. She wears the black shorts and white T-shirt of a 1950s runner, “GOA” emblazoned across the torso.

…to read the entire story, click here [PDF, 2.56MB]

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